The Math Fair 1.2.3.

There was a squeak and an excitement in the air when the Math Fair was announced by my teacher. We were suppose to juggle with numbers and make various interesting games for the fair and for this groups were divided, work was being distributed and a lot of other plannings were being done amongst the […]

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Love At First Bite! 😋

I went to have my favourite desert at D’zurt – banoffee pie but after having it, yet my greedy tummy asked for more . I thought of trying something new…I was like ‘inky pinky ponky ‘ thinking of what to eat next. Then a beautiful desert which looked like a ballerina in a fancy, orange […]

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Sibling love!

My naughty little brother, Seems to me as a feather, He is very cute and obedient. Small hands but quite intelligent He dances and sings and treats himself like a king. My naughty little brother, Seems to me as a feather, Wether he is playing with cars or with the bat and ball, He makes […]

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Back to life, the real life!

My summer vacations are about to get over and I have already started missing school. I want to be in my class where some students are studying and some are fighting for the pen and sharpener etc. I am craving for the smell of my classroom, games and the English classes and specially my friends. […]

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The smell of the spring

I remember, I remember, The roses red and white, the sound of the flowing river and the sun that shone very bright. I remember, I remember, The smiling lady who always pluck flowers and fruits, from the giant green tree. I remember, I remember How the trees used to bend as the wind passed by, […]

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What made me a blogger ?

Hi everyone , my name is Avishi and am 10 years old . Becoming an author is my dream . I was always very fond of reading and writing and wanted to share my thoughts and creative writings with you . Thanks to Siddhart bhaiya who inspired me to write blogs . English , creative […]

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