Wooden Boat!

There’s a man who wears a brown oversized coat

And rows a big wooden boat

He sings along with the fish in the river

And tadpoles and the sun beam that shines n shimmer

Oh ! Come and see

He is going to a journey through the sea

Look he’s got his things packed

A big trunk and a black bagpack

Lets follow him to the shore, to say goodbye

For his eyes are calm and the spirits high

Aware is he of the roaring storms and winds!

Wish him goodluck, his voyage never hinds

He is not alone!

For he has his songs

In the loneliness of the billabong

I hope when he comes back ,he sings a new track

Full of all new stories

New hopes and glories!


Outside My House!

There is a ghost outside my house

I’m sure he is here to stay

There is a witch outside my window

No doubt she won’t go away.

A mummy demanding candy

And a zombie wanting sweets

I need to fulfill their wishes

As they are planning a feast.

A goblin looking for chocolate

A wizard finding jelly

They all are coming to my house

Why don’t they go somewhere else to fill up their belly!

It’s the weirdest situation

I think I’ve ever seen

How I wish they’d go away

But afterall its HALLOWEEN!



I feel once you start reading it, even if you try, you won’t be able to pull yourself off. As I started to read I was immensly engrossed. It took me no efforts to ignore my irritating brother buzzing around me and mom’s instructions.

The book tells us 8 most famous Sherlock Holmes stories. Though all Conan Doyle’s stories are excellent, my favourite stories are`The Speckled Band` and ‘The Adventure Of The Dancing Men’ .

When I began to read the book, I was amazed by the mysteries and how they were detected. But as I flipped more pages I was even more amazed by the way the author has depicted and descibed every moment and situation, how he has been able to imprison our minds in those words that we cannot get it off the world of mysteries.

Personally my favourite part was the description of Sherlock Holmes in ‘The Speckled Band’.

Holmes had been seated for hours in silence with his long, thin back curved over a chemical vesel which he was brewing a particular malodorous product. His head was sunk upon his chest and he looked, from my point of view like a strange lank bird with dull grey plunage and a black top knot.

So, I would say that its a not – to – miss book for all those who love Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes and his MYSTERIES….

The Math Fair 1.2.3.

There was a squeak and an excitement in the air when the Math Fair was announced by my teacher.

We were suppose to juggle with numbers and make various interesting games for the fair and for this groups were divided, work was being distributed and a lot of other plannings were being done amongst the groups.

I had Aaryan, Kavan, Kashvi, Pratyaksh and Tvisha in my group. We all distributed our tasks. Kavan and me were to make the charts and the others brought the stuff and decided the game. We worked really hard . Kavan came to my place and we had a fun time making charts and playing.

Finally, the day arrived.

With all kinds of colourful charts and pomp n show, my class was decorated for the MATH FAIR . The hanging ribbons, funky tapes and sparkling glitters, which looked like butterflies, made the class look stunning . All the children were running here and there in order to fetch chairs and decorate their tables. The white board, I would say was the most striking as it was covered with big furry pom poms, mathematical equations and decorated numbers, which for the first time were looking pretty (OTHERWISE THEY JUST MAKE YOUR HEAD SPIN ๐Ÿ˜ฎ) and a ‘Welcome’ note. Everbody had put in a great effort to make their games the most interesting. We were anxiously waiting for the children to come n play. In order to attract more number of players , the stalls started luring like ” 5 toffees free for first 3 players ” and ” Free gifts ” etc. Our stall had a good foot fall as we had 6 games(Predict your number, Total 30, 7 up and down, Magic squares, Rajma bowls, Crossword and a Lucky Draw). Everybody gathered around us. It was hard to manage as they all were shouting from different corners but I was enjoying it all. All children and teachers had a great time.

After the fair was over, the whole classroom was a mess. All the beautiful decorations were lying on the floor and the charts were all crushed and crumbled. Furniture was scattered.

Here I realized that every beautiful moment has to come to an end but the experience will last forever.

Love At First Bite! ๐Ÿ˜‹

I went to have my favourite desert at D’zurt – banoffee pie but after having it, yet my greedy tummy asked for more . I thought of trying something new…I was like ‘inky pinky ponky ‘ thinking of what to eat next. Then a beautiful desert which looked like a ballerina in a fancy, orange attire caught my eye ! It was named – ‘Hokey Pokey’ which means honeycomb and looked tempting .We ordered it and it took about 10-15 mins for it to come. I was very excited and impatient too. Suddenly to my utter surprise, it was served with ice cream and caramel sauce…….DOUBLE BONUS, I took the first bite and was numb. I could feel my body flinch …The Hokey Pokey was hmmm! deliumpcious (delicious) ! It was broken into small chunks of crunchy golden toffee and below that was a delectable layer of soft caramel cake…I had never eaten something as tasty as Hokey Pokey . It was surely going to be my favourite desert!

Now I know what does love at first sight means๐Ÿ˜€


Sibling love!

My naughty little brother,
Seems to me as a feather,
He is very cute and obedient.
Small hands but quite intelligent
He dances and sings and treats himself like a king.
My naughty little brother,
Seems to me as a feather,
Wether he is playing with cars or with the bat and ball,
He makes sure he always includes it all,
His smile delights the crowd, this always makes me proud.
My naughty little brother, seems to me as a feather.

Back to life, the real life!

My summer vacations are about to get over and I have already started missing school. I want to be in my class where some students are studying and some are fighting for the pen and sharpener etc. I am craving for the smell of my classroom, games and the English classes and specially my friends. Though I hate a handful of creatures but still have fun being with them. Our daily world wars, my monitorship and how we used to complain about others is also gone. How can I forget the lunch time when we quickly run down the stairs to grab that extra minute which we get to play n gossip. The hustle-bustle during the exams, how anxiously we wait for the results and the spark in my friends’ eyes when she manages to score a little bit more than me ๐Ÿ˜‰is also immensely missed.

I wish the school reopens fast and I get to meet all my friends and teachers!!

The smell of the spring


I remember, I remember,

The roses red and white,

the sound of the flowing river and the sun that shone very bright.

I remember, I remember,

The smiling lady who always pluck flowers and fruits,

from the giant green tree.

I remember, I remember

How the trees used to bend as the wind passed by,

Aah! The pleasant days of spring.


What made me a blogger ?

Hi everyone , my name is Avishi and am 10 years old . Becoming an author is my dream . I was always very fond of reading and writing and wanted to share my thoughts and creative writings with you . Thanks to Siddhart bhaiya who inspired me to write blogs . English , creative writing is my favourite and I spend hours and hours writing poems and stories . Hope you like my blogs .

So here the journey begins……….

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